Registration for the conference begins at 3.30pm on Thursday 25th October and closes at 6:30pm.
If you are bringing a group to conference please note that only one or two people need to come to register your group, we don’t need your whole party to be present. This will help avoid large queues at the venue. To reduce time registering, please ensure you complete the online consent form before you arrive for anyone under the age of 18.
It is at registration you will receive your wristbands for the conference and any additional information you will need.

FAQ for parents/ guardians and group leaders

We have tried our best to answer as many questions as possible, however, if you still have any queries please do not hesitate to contact a member of the !Audacious Conference Team at the office.

What will the children need to bring each day??

They will need a changing bag, with change of clothes, a drink, nappies and anything else you think your child might need. (snacks will be provided)

Suitable clothes for the weather as they will be going off site on one of the days. They may wish to bring their own Bible and note pad. They will need to bring lunch if they are attending the Friday or Saturday programme.

Does my child need to be toilet trained to attend kids?

If they are in the 3-11 year old program your child will need to be toilet trained, however if they are a toddler you will be asked to complete a consent form giving the team permission to change your child’s nappy.

What will the youth need to bring each day?

We suggest everyone brings their own Bible and note pad and although drinks are on sale at the venue we suggest that young people bring their own drink each day.

What if i need to contact my child during the kids program?

Please contact a member of the reception/hub team if you need to contact your child.

Are the children safe while at kids conference?

All of the team have up to date DBS checks and are trained to work with children in accordance to our Child Protection and safeguarding policies. We also have a security team on site at all times.

Are the youth safe while at the conference program ?

All of the youth team have up to date DBS checks and are trained to work with young people in accordance to our Child Protection and safeguarding policies. Our team are responsible for your children when they are at Go Church. However, we must stress that you are responsible for your young people at all times when they are at !Audacious Church and the importance of you remaining with your young people at all times.

Can our children’s workers accompany our children into the kids program?

Yes! We would love to partner with your children’s ministry, please email keithreid@audaciouschurch.com prior to the conference to find out how.

What happens if i am late to pick up my child from the kids program?

It is important to adhere to our conference schedule and pick up your child on time each day, this is within 15 minutes of the main session finishing.

My child requires medication, can the kids team facilitate this?

We have a medical office on site who will log the medication and administer it when required.
Details of this must be logged on your child’s consent form.

What if i cannot collect my child from the session and wish to send someone else in my place?

Where possible each child should be picked up by the same parent/guardian.
However, when this is not possible you may register a second named adult who will be allowed to pick up the child, when you bring your child to the session.

What is in place for children and young people who have disabilities?

It is our desire to welcome and include all children and young people and accommodate their particular needs wherever possible, if your child has additional a needs that we would benefit from being aware of then please do get in contact.